Wordle 54: Ensorcelled Swans

Ensorcelled Swans

A flock of swans
beating their wings
over the sea towards land
not wanting to squander
a single moment
of their time as swans
before  the intractable
sorcerer renews the spell
follows a mountain lane 
which can accommodate them
in either of their forms,
an alleyway between cliffs,
spotting with their green eyes
the pewter waters of a placid lake
where they will spend the day
until they have to transform back
into their human forms.

Ok, I am watching Swan Lake.  Can you tell? I turned it upside down with swans having to take human form for part of each day instead of humans transformed into swans, but I figure Tchaikovsky will forgive me, I hope.  This is written for The Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 54 and the twelve words to use are: green, squander, sea, accomodate, intractable, pewter, follow, lane, beating, alley, flocks, and eyes.