Small Kindnesses Blogsplash

Today I’m joining the Small Kindnesses Blogsplash and writing about a special small kindness someone did for me in the past. You can read all about it hereThe Blogsplash is organised by Fiona Robyn to celebrate the release of her novel ‘Small Kindnesses’ which is free today on Kindle. 

I have thought of many kindnesses that I have experienced from small (someone opening the door for me) to large (my friend, Kay, coming twice a day for nearly a year to help me medicate my cat Sasha), and all sorts in between.  There is the student who always sets up and takes down our study table; the friend who drives me off island for my appointments; the same friend who lugs my sewing machines in for servicing and then brings them back again; my daughter who texts me regularly; my son who surprises me with lovely long e-mails now and again; my internet friends who are so supportive of my efforts; my bridge class students who show a continuing interest in my novel writing adventures; and the list goes on and on.  I feel very fortunate that I have so many wonderful people in my life.

But for today, I shall pick one kindness to write about.  Last summer my son had to work hard to get me my summer visit with my granddaughter, but he never faltered in his determination and thanks to his efforts I got to spend a lovely day with him, his wife, and my wonderful granddaughter.  Here is a haiku for that kindness:

a summer day
her little hand in mine
granddaughter’s visit