Wordle 130: Lost Childhood

Today’s words for The Sunday Whirl took me to a darker place. They seemed to mix with an assignment I had for a Children’s Writing class I’m taking online, where we were to write a letter to our younger self at a time when that younger self could use some help. This week’s words seemed to take me there as well. So here are the words, followed by my poem.


Lost Childhood

The world circles
and spirals ever outward
but a little girl’s world
prophetically changes
when her drunken mother
dies from smoking in bed.
Life’s edge trumps
any hope of childhood.
No one binds her wounds,
mends her dreams,
born from fear as she sleeps.
When lightning flashes
she learns to expect
the harsh thunder.

18 thoughts on “Wordle 130: Lost Childhood

  1. I agree with Pamela and Sabra. This was such a well done poem.

    I wish you had wordle prompts more often than once a week. They spur such amazing poems from you. 🙂

  2. Curiously when reading such a sad poem the reader’s mind tends to see the effects on her upbringing on her future in their own minds. Then think back to shattering moments of their own past to see if they have affected themselves.

  3. Daphne- we may have had the same mother. Except mine is still alive. Your poem struck a nerve. Thanks for stopping by my place. Teri

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