Wordle 132: Nightmare

Once again, The Sunday Whirl has challenged me. It was a stretch!



Waking from a nightmare
filled with flames and smoke,
her sheets tangled around her
in the still inky darkness,
she yearned for safety,
the immeasurable peace
which seemed to have eroded,
washed away in the rivers of time
bending through her anxieties,
leaving only clay and pebbles.
But then a wet tongue
gently licked her face purring
“I’m here; you are loved.”

26 thoughts on “Wordle 132: Nightmare

  1. Such a sweet ending! It is such a joy to have the kind of unconditional love only pets can bring you. I know when my stepfather passed away one of the first things I did was give my sweet puppy dog a hug, and she just stood there and let me cry.

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