Wordle 133: National Novel Writing Month

This is November, which for me means, as it has for the two previous years, National Novel Writing Month. Everything else takes second place to my desire to write another (my third) novel. Appointments are postponed, chores are skipped, and my weekends especially are taken over in a wonderful and magical way. Today is day 3, and I have managed to write 6 chapters and 12129 words. I push much harder on the weekends (which for me are Friday through Monday) because I don’t get any time to write significantly on the other three days. I’m feeling really good about what I have so far, and because of the time change, I got an earlier start today. (How do you explain the time change to cats and dogs). Anyway, my offering for today’s words obviously fits with my November obsession. But at least I have something to post.

Here is my attempt for today’s prompt on The Sunday Whirl:

National Novel Writing Month

Wandering into NaNo land
filled with invisible characters
and infinite plots each
emitting its own rhythm,
I see in the distance
my creation whirling
and swirling, whispering
to me its precise location
as it begins to fade.
I run, fists pumping
to catch it and at the last moment
snatch my creation,
hitting my knee as I
kneel gasping but happy
that I have succumbed
to the impulse that is

16 thoughts on “Wordle 133: National Novel Writing Month

  1. Fun – I’m not sure if I could write a novel, especially in such a limited time. I have less and less time to myself during the week as I watch my grandchildren. But I do write everyday – Thanks for stopping by my Whirling Story 🙂

    • The only way I can write a novel is just to do it with the challenge. But I envy you being able to watch your grandchildren. That’s apparently not in my cards and with no human family, writing is my outlet. This is my third NaNoWriMo and I really look forward to Novembers now in a way that I never did. I write (on my weekends) for about 2 1/2 hours and get 4000+ words in a couple chapters and then I nap! Thanks for stopping by.

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