Wordle 148: The Brave Virus


Here is my attempt to use the words from this week’s Sunday Whirl:

The Brave Virus

all the tricks
the brave little virus
slid into the mainframe
courting the code
that would raise
the company’s wages
for the workers
to be safe,
able to support
their families.
She could not fail,
her mind was set
and later she
would head upstairs
to the bosses’ party
and wreck a bit
of mayhem.

Wordle 140: The Spider and the Robin

Here is my small offering for today’s Sunday Whirl:


The Spider and the Robin

The Spider landed
on the back of a Robin
thinking what a nice shuttle
the Robin would be.

As they flew through the air
the Spider listened and thought,
eyes following the flight
judging where to leap clear.

Picking her moment
wanting to land intact
and not pulverized
she decided to ask,

Dear Robin would
you level out just a bit
so I could drop onto
that evergreen tree?

The Robin answered
clear as a bell,
please attend to my words
hitchhikers must pay.

Fair enough,
said the Spider
I have the means.
What split do you ask?

But the Robin soared
high into the air
just as the Spider jumped
with an echoing squeal.

The Robin smiled
as she flew on past
watching the Spider spin
the top of the tree.

Wordle 134: The Journey

Well, I am still totally absorbed by National Novel Writing Month and enjoying every minute of it. Today I achieved a new personal best by writing 10,575 words and my total for ten days is now 53,426. I have met the challenge of NaNoWriMo (which is 50,000 words in the month of November for those who might not be familiar with this wonderful insanity), but my novel is not yet finished and I’m not sure just where my protagonist is taking me or how much longer the road is, but that is totally fine by me. After all, it is the journey, not the destination. And so my poem for The Sunday Whirl reflects my obsession.


The Journey

Navigating my way
through Nano Land
striding confidently,
my year-long vision
clear in my head
as I drill through
layers of ideas
in an instant,
humming as I miss
the obstacles of
writer’s block and
refusing to buckle,
working with dignity
and grace to gain
in the end,
a completed
rough draft.

Wordle 133: National Novel Writing Month

This is November, which for me means, as it has for the two previous years, National Novel Writing Month. Everything else takes second place to my desire to write another (my third) novel. Appointments are postponed, chores are skipped, and my weekends especially are taken over in a wonderful and magical way. Today is day 3, and I have managed to write 6 chapters and 12129 words. I push much harder on the weekends (which for me are Friday through Monday) because I don’t get any time to write significantly on the other three days. I’m feeling really good about what I have so far, and because of the time change, I got an earlier start today. (How do you explain the time change to cats and dogs). Anyway, my offering for today’s words obviously fits with my November obsession. But at least I have something to post.

Here is my attempt for today’s prompt on The Sunday Whirl:

National Novel Writing Month

Wandering into NaNo land
filled with invisible characters
and infinite plots each
emitting its own rhythm,
I see in the distance
my creation whirling
and swirling, whispering
to me its precise location
as it begins to fade.
I run, fists pumping
to catch it and at the last moment
snatch my creation,
hitting my knee as I
kneel gasping but happy
that I have succumbed
to the impulse that is

Wordle 132: Nightmare

Once again, The Sunday Whirl has challenged me. It was a stretch!



Waking from a nightmare
filled with flames and smoke,
her sheets tangled around her
in the still inky darkness,
she yearned for safety,
the immeasurable peace
which seemed to have eroded,
washed away in the rivers of time
bending through her anxieties,
leaving only clay and pebbles.
But then a wet tongue
gently licked her face purring
“I’m here; you are loved.”

Wordle 131: The Abandoned House

Today’s words for The Sunday Whirl were definitely challenging.


The Abandoned House

the vacant brick house
a rickety fence covered
with old notices encloses
a yard filled with an
amalgam of trash spreading
like tentacles away from
the door, flowing across
the gravel driveway.
Abandoned years ago
the house leaves nothing
of its story, everything
of value stripped away,
cheating the scavengers.
A robin flies to her nest
balanced on a window sill
and drops a wiggling worm
into her baby’s open mouth.

Wordle 130: Lost Childhood

Today’s words for The Sunday Whirl took me to a darker place. They seemed to mix with an assignment I had for a Children’s Writing class I’m taking online, where we were to write a letter to our younger self at a time when that younger self could use some help. This week’s words seemed to take me there as well. So here are the words, followed by my poem.


Lost Childhood

The world circles
and spirals ever outward
but a little girl’s world
prophetically changes
when her drunken mother
dies from smoking in bed.
Life’s edge trumps
any hope of childhood.
No one binds her wounds,
mends her dreams,
born from fear as she sleeps.
When lightning flashes
she learns to expect
the harsh thunder.